Carpet Lining

At Summit Motorhomes, we offer complete van carpet lining services to give your van that professional finish. We only use the very best quality materials and our lining carpet comes in a choice of different colours for that unique custom look.

Get a professional finish with our camper van carpet lining services 

Our camper van lining carpet can transform your van’s look, not only keeping it looking fresh, but also helping with insulation and noise reduction.

Our process

Here’s how we work:

  • We first start by removing the original panels and applying sound deadening materials to the metal panels on your van to absorb road noise.
  • We then fill any cavities with an insulation material which helps keep your van warm in the cold weather, and cool in warmer weather.
  • Next, we fix either the existing panels or new ply lining panels if needed back in the van ready for carpeting.
  • We can carpet line your van in one piece, or we can carpet each individual panel if you would like to be able to remove them later for access.

As always, do get in touch for details or if you have any questions!

The benefits of lining a campervan

Campervan carpet lining not only has many benefits for aesthetic purposes, but there are also many practical benefits too. Here are just a few reasons why we’d always recommend camper van lining:

  • Camper van carpet acts as an extra thermal layer. In the summer months, this van lining material controls the heat inside your camper, keeping your interior cool. It will also help keep your camper warm during the winter and will save you money on the cost of heating over time.
  • Lining a campervan can also prevent any loud sounds escaping the van and with the added insulation layer, it can keep any noisy traffic and outdoor sounds to a minimum.
  • Camper van carpet lining can also make your van feel much more homely and comfortable to travel and relax in.

Choose campervan carpet lining in Bristol from Summit Motorhomes

Here at Summit Motorhomes, we believe in creating innovative and unique conversions, providing you with an unparalleled, luxury motorhome experience. Our campervan carpet lining services can get your camper looking the part, as well as being a huge benefit to your overall conversion.

For more information about how we can help or if you require any further information about any of our services, get in touch with our team today on 01179 610937 or email us at

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